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Literacy Tip of the Week: Week of September 10th

posted Sep 8, 2017, 12:23 PM by Courtney Richardson

International Literacy Day

September 9 is International Literacy Day. Help children become lifelong readers by inspiring them to read at home and school. Research from Scholastic shows that when kids have a large home library, they are more likely to be read books for pleasure 5–7 days a week. The research also provides actionable takeaways any family can embrace to inspire a culture of reading at home, including:

  • Ask family members, friends, librarians and teachers for book recommendations: In each country, children ages 6–17 find their best book ideas from many different people and places. Top sources are:
    • 51% of kids in the U.S. say teachers and school librarians
    • 45% of kids in the U.K report the library
    • 72% and 82% of kids in Australia and India, respectively, look to their parents
    • 50% of kids in Canada get ideas from friends, siblings or cousins.
  • Find books that make kids laugh: “Make me laugh” is the #1 quality kids ages 6–17 look for when choosing books to read for fun (42% U.S., 63% U.K., 61% Australia, 62%, India, and 46% Canada).
  • Set aside time to read aloud together—and keep it going as a child gets older: An overwhelming majority of children ages 6–17 reported they love (or loved) read aloud time at home and the top reason was “it’s a special time with my parent,” yet many parents stop reading aloud at age six.

Encourage home reading and give personal book recommendations ​to your students based on their interests.