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Literacy Tip of the Week: Week of May 27th

posted May 28, 2018, 6:21 PM by Courtney Richardson
Word Work for Transitional Readers – Writing Big Words

Students reading at text levels M, N and O often have a large bank of sight words and understand basic phonics skills such as the silent e rule and vowel combinations. But they still need explicit teaching in learning how words work. One activity you can use is called Writing Big Words. This engaging short activity teaches students a specific spelling feature and shows them how to make connections to other words that have the same feature. To do the activity, first select a multisyllabic word from the text that has a common spelling feature (e.g. -tion, -ment, pre-, etc.).  Write the word on the easel and underline the feature. Then dictate two or three words that have the same feature and ask students to write the words on a dry erase board. Here are a few examples you might consider. Remember to use your students’ misspellings and miscues to choose features they need to learn. 
 feature examples
 -ture picture, adventure, capture
 dis- discover, disgust, disturb
 -ity activity, simplicity
 tele telephone, telescope, television
 graph graphic, photograph, autograph
 trans transfer, transform, transport
 sub submerge, subject, subtract

Remember this is teaching; it is not a test. Support students who need help.