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Literacy Tip of the Week: Week of May 20th

posted May 21, 2018, 6:49 PM by Courtney Richardson
Why should you use a two-day plan for emergent readers?

I was recently asked if teachers could extend the two-day lesson to a three- or four-day plan, using the same book. I don't recommend it for the following reasons: 1) Students will read more books when you use the two-day lesson. This exposes them to more vocabulary and language structures. 2) Using the two-day plan increases engagement and motivation. Just watch your students’ faces when you bring out a new book. They are delighted to read a new story, meet new characters, and learn more interesting facts through nonfiction texts. 3) Using the two-day plan keeps the lesson fast-paced and engaging. Since you know you have to make time to teach a short word study activity on Day 1 and guided writing on Day 2, you will avoid excess talking, and you will teach with a sense of urgency. Remember to put the familiar books in your students’ book boxes so they can reread them with a buddy, by themselves, or with their parents. Rereading familiar stories builds automaticity with sight words, strengthens strategic actions, and promotes fluency.