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Literacy Tip of the Week: Week of May15th

posted May 15, 2016, 9:08 AM by Courtney Richardson

Reading Intensive Care Unit

Angela Kheradman, reading teacher at Providence Elementary School in Fairfax, VA, designed a reading intervention program that is modeled after my Next Steps Lesson Framework. She calls it RICU (Reading Intensive Care Unit). It is a six-week intervention that uses three teachers and/or assistants who work with 9-12 children for 45 minutes a day. The children cycle through three stations: New Book with prompting, Word Work and Guided Writing, and Word Study. Each station is 15 minutes long. I’ve shared her model with several districts across the US. Each school uses a different variation of RICU depending on the personnel they have available, but all are seeing impressive results. Why? Children are engaged in appropriate literacy instruction for 60 – 80 minutes. Here’s a link to a video Angela produced about RICU.