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Literacy Tip of the Week: Week of March 26th

posted Mar 27, 2017, 7:00 PM by Courtney Richardson   [ updated Apr 9, 2017, 6:30 PM ]

Don’t Be Fooled: Accurate Word Recognition DOESN’T Equal Comprehension              

Many think that comprehension is the natural by-product of accurate word recognition. Just because students can read the words doesn’t imply that they are understanding what they read. Many students in classrooms across the USA are given comprehension assignments, mainly through responding to questions. But these activities are void of instruction on how to comprehend using the critical strategies. Comprehension can be taught through interactive read-alouds as well as during guided reading instruction.  

Character analysis is a powerful means for teaching students to make inferences.  During training, we examine the pages in Jan’s book for techniques to support the teaching of character analysis. I model for the teachers, we do it together, then teachers apply these techniques to text they are using with students. 

Rereading is a powerful contributor to comprehension. Reading material once for the gist is parallel to writing a first draft. Rereading is the process that contributes to developing deeper understanding. Expect students to reread a guided reading text as a meaningful follow-up task. You are helping them strengthen their comprehension. 

Written by: Sophie Kowzun, page turner consulting,