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Literacy Tip of the Week: Week of January 27th

posted Jan 27, 2019, 12:24 PM by Courtney Richardson
Using Running Records with Fluent Readers
Running records are being used at higher grade levels to track progress and form small groups. To get the most information out of the running record, it is important to analyze the quality of errors the student is making. Intermediate fluent readers (and adults) often make insignificant errors. They may omit articles, substitute words that make sense, and ignore some errors if they don’t change the meaning of the passage. These errors are not significant and are actually typical of what good readers (and teachers) do when they read aloud.  
Most often the greatest value of a running record on fluent readers is the comprehension conversation that occurs after reading. Ask the student to retell the story and listen for these things:
1. Does the student remember the most important information?
2. Does the student retell events in sequence?
3. Does the student ask and answer questions about the text?
4. Is the student able to provide a concise summary that captures the main idea and important details?
You can prepare specific questions for discussing the text or use the Comprehension Interview included on pages 223-226 of The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading. This interview can be used on any text at any time during the year, which provides a formative assessment for comprehension. Remember, to look beyond the score and pinpoint a strategy or two you need to teach next.  That’s the true value of a running record.