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Literacy Tip of the Week: Week of February 28th

posted Feb 29, 2016, 3:25 PM by Courtney Richardson

Sight Words

When looking at your lesson plan template under Sight Word Review, where are you getting the sight words? Are they from a class list that you are working on or from previous materials? Review three sight words you have taught in previous guided reading lessons. I have recommended words to teach at each level in chapter 3 and chapter 4.

Also, why are the sight words optional after level 8? The purpose of the sight word component is to teach visual memory.  Usually when students have learned how to write the 60 words on my list (this usually occurs at level F), they have developed strong spelling skills. You can continue to review and teach sight words, but it isn't a necessary component for acceleration.

For word study on the lesson plan template, do they connect to the 2nd day writing? Such as, are the students using these words in their writing or is the writing connected to the reading? 

The focus on the word study is to teach how words work (phonemic awareness and phonics skills), not specific words. The exact words you work with on day 1 are probably not going to be in the guided writing, but the skill you taught should be.  For example, if you taught the /sh/ and /th/ digraphs on day one, dictate a sentence that has digraphs in it on day 2.  This gives students the opportunity to apply the skill you taught.