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Literacy Tip of the Week: Week of December 3rd

posted Dec 4, 2017, 5:47 AM by Courtney Richardson
Teaching Vocabulary to Fluent Readers
Last week a teacher asked me to clarify the difference between the vocabulary portion and the word study portion on the fluent lesson plan. This week’s tip will explain how vocabulary is taught in the fluent lesson plan. All page references are from Next Step Forward in Guided Reading (Richardson, 2016).
Introducing New Vocabulary – Fluent readers should be able to figure out most new words by using vocabulary strategies. However, if there are new words or important concepts students would not be able to figure out by themselves, briefly introduce the words using the four steps on pages 235–236.
Prompting during Reading – If students need more scaffolding on using strategies to figure out the meaning of new words, use Module 7 on page 264. As you work with individuals, use one of these prompts:
Were there any words you didn’t understand? 
What can you do to figure it out? 
Are there clues in the sentence?
Can you use any text features to tell me more about the word? 
Is the word in the glossary?
Can you substitute a word that makes sense? 
Teaching After Reading – Select a challenging word from the text and model one of the vocabulary strategies using the card on page 329.
Word Study – If students need more explicit instruction on common prefixes, suffixes, or Greek and Latin roots, select a word from the text and discuss other words that are similar. After your brief explanation, distribute white boards and dictate words for students to write. For example, you might teach the –tion feature in the word action. Then have students write transportation, nation, and solution.
New Word List – Choose two words from the story for students to add to their New Word List (See Appendix L in Next Step Forward in Guided Reading). These words might be ones you defined in the introduction or words you discussed after reading. Encourage students to use the new words in discussion and in their writing. Every few weeks take a few minutes from the guided reading lesson to test students on the words. See Fluent Video 4 (Next Step Forward in Guided Reading).