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Literacy Tip of the Week: Week of April 30th

posted May 1, 2017, 12:59 PM by Courtney Richardson

What’s New in Next Step Forward?

Every day I receive encouraging emails about the positive impact my newest book, Next Step Forward in Guided Reading is having in our nation’s classrooms. Although it contains the same theory and lesson framework as my first book, The Next Step in Guided Reading, there are significant differences:

Video-clips – With the purchase of the book, you have free access to 51 video clips of me teaching guided reading with Pre-A through fluent readers. The short video clips are perfect for personal viewing or a school-wide book study. 

New Chapter on Comprehension – The last chapter of the book is devoted to teaching comprehension to all students, grades K-8. I’ve identified 12 power strategies and included step-by-step modules for teaching comprehension in whole and small group settings. I love this chapter and refer to it every time I’m asked to model a reading lesson. 

Professional Development Guide – Reading specialist Ellen Lewis, one of my trusted colleagues, wrote a helpful online professional development guide that is available on the book’s website. 

Spiral-bound – This is not a book you read halfway through and then store it on your bookshelf. It’s a teaching guide that stays on your reading table. The spiral binding makes it easy to fold so it will take up less space. 

Color-tabbed – Each chapter is tabbed with a different color so you can quickly find information on a specific reading stage. 

Reviews from Amazon: 

- “I love this book even more than her first one. So user-friendly with great resources in the Appendix. The videos for each phase of development really help you internalize the techniques. You’ll refer to this book often and want to share it with colleagues.”

-  “A must! I’m a Reading Recovery teacher, this is well organized, user friendly, and power packed…”

-  “This is hands down the best guided reading book. It only leaves my table to come home with me.”  

-  “This has everything you need to help in setting (up) guided reading groups whether your student is a beginner or proficient reader.”

Next week I’ll share why the sight word lists in the new book are different from the ones in the old book. Change is good as long as it is based on research and solid theory.  More to come…