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Literacy Tip of the Week: March 28, 2020

posted Mar 28, 2020, 1:45 PM by Steven Richardson
Thank you! 
Today I want to thank you for your passion for teaching students, even when they can’t come to your classroom.

Since schools are closed, I’ve been exploring ways to teach guided reading remotely. You could schedule a live lesson with individual students or record a lesson that children can do with their parents. I’ve been using the techniques on my grandkids, and they love the lessons. I’ve added a resource to my website called Steps To Teaching Guided Reading Remotely. Click 
here to access the handout. Here is an example of a three day fluent lesson with a short word study activity.

Click here for 
Day 1 – Reading the book using the Yellow Questions strategy
Day 2 – Reread the book using the Key Word summary strategy
Day 3 – Guided Writing
Day 4 – Word Study – This could be added to one of the lessons above

You can access the book, Cat People, Dog People, Gecko People here.

For other examples of video lessons for text levels A-N click here.

I’m doing two free webinars this week. The first is this Monday, March 30, at 4 p.m. EST. Michele Dufresne and I will be presenting on our book, The Next Step Forward in Word Study and Phonics. You can register at this link.

The other webinar will be April 2. It’s on teaching guided reading remotely. Click here to register for that session.

One more tip for online word study. I have partnered with Jack Hartman to do a series of videos on letter formation, sight words, and breaking words. Remind your parents they can view these at home on Jack’s YouTube channel here.

Stay healthy, dear friends!